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An important piece of our "Saving Orcas Voices" project. 

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the Saving Orcas Voices




for the second phase of the project

​​​Orcas Island history is about the lives of its people – what they know and what they have experienced. The Museum has a treasure trove of taped interviews that were made over the past 40 years. For example, Rich Exton coming to Orcas and buying his property, Ray Kimple about going to Crow Valley School, and Dora Cadden about her barber shop. These tapes have been digitized and are currently being transcribed so they may be shared with residents and visitors in a written format.

Since the 1950’s more than one hundred interviews have been recorded, transcribed and digitized into our continuously evolving Oral History Project Orcas Voices. Our goal is to preserve a diverse representation of Orcas people and their lives. The Orcas Island Historical Museums and all who have contributed to this project want visitors to understand that this undertaking is a work in progress. As more materials are developed, additional photographs and notebooks will be added to this archive.

This year do not miss our brand new listening station and Presenting Orcas Voices oral history exhibit opening May 20th. The listening station enables Orcas Island residents and visitors to hear portions of these recording and learn about Orcas Island’s past in the words of its own residents while appropriate images are displayed on a computer screen in front of them.


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